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LuBi – Microplate Luminometer– quantifies amount of light emitted from DNA and RNA in samples from chemiluminescence reactions.
Software-controlled injectors and photomultiplier tube provides reliable outputs. With LuBi’s special microplate adaptor, 6 to 96 well-microplates can be used to measure various samples.



- Plate adaptor allows use of 6 to 96 well-microplates
- High sensitivity, low noise through utilization of Photomultiplier Tube
- High precision maneuvering for rapid analysis

Product Specification

General Specification

Optics and Measurements

- Low-noise Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) and precision Photon Counter for high-sensitivity and Linear Dynamic Range

- Calibration unnecessary with optimum optical stability

Measurement Accuracy

- High-Precision Ball Screw Mechanism: No Tension Adjustment Needed

Charateristics Auto-dispensing pumps (optional)
Rapid and high processability
6 to 96 well-microplates
Easy and intuitive protocol setup
Multi scanning and reading modes
Easy data analysis with Microsoft Excel
Auto-analysis from various tests
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