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Biomedical System



The GDS-200 Gel Doc Imaging system captures and documents images of nucleic acids and proteins in gels, enabling output and analysis via its user interface.

It involves placing images of various samples (such as DNA, RNA, protein gels, TLC plates, membranes, and petri dishes) on a specific tray (white or blue) to quantify sample bands and obtain videos.



- Capable of observing various Samples (DNA, RNA, protein gels, TLC plates, membranes and petri dishes)

- Real-time image observation

- Equipped with a transilluminator on a sliding shelf for easy gel observation and cutting

- The visible area of Blue LED is 20 x 12 cm

  The visible area of UVB transilluminator is 20 x 20 cm

  The largest transilluminator can reach up to 25 x 26 cm (Optional)

- Highly visible with UltraView DNA Safety Stains, a safe alternative to EtBr

Product Specification


- Vivid gel image even for weak band 
- 9 Mega pixel CMOS Camera 
- Intuitive program for simple control of the instrument
- Slide type illuminator 


- Camera 
- Sliding Filter Tray 
- UV Transilluminator
- Camera Control Sofrware
- Green Filter
- White Light Box
- Thermal Video Printer
- UV-B Lamp, 8W