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Diamond –  Fully Automatic Immuno-Analyzer – is able to process everything in ELISA testing from sample distribution to well washing and result analysis with just a few clicks.



- Fully automatic walkaway station (ELISA)

- Open platform provides freedom within the interface
- conventional 96-well microplates
- Quick and precise controls
- Minimized cross contamination with the use of disposable tips
- World-class Liquid Handling for precise pipetting and well washing
- Convenient protocol setup through 2 different interface modes: Developer UI/ User Mode UI

Product Specification

ELISA Reader

Dynamic Range 0 -3.0 OD
Photometer 450, 630nm (Optional: 405, 490, 550nm)
Filter Slots 6 Slots
Precision < 1% CV at 2.0 OD
Accuracy ± 0.005 OD or 2.5%

CLIA Reader

Dynamic Range Up to 7-log of Dynamic Range
Limit of Detection 1 x 10-18 moles of ATP
Crosstalk ≤ 3.0 x 10-5

General Specification

Sample Capacity 96 Sample Positions
Reagent Capacity 9 Custom Reagent Positions
Test Tube Standard 13, 16mm diameter (customizable)
Number of Microplates 2 Microplate Positions
Barcode Reader Optional
System Architecture Universal Open Platform (Qualitative and Quantitative)
Sample Tray Easy Loading Sample Tray
Dimension 659 X 814 X 658 mm
Power 100 – 240V, 50 - 60Hz


Manifold Configuration 8 Channels
Dispense Volume Range 100 -350 μl
Washing Tank 2 Washing Tanks (2.5L) 1 Waste Tank (5L) with level sensing
Wash Cycle 1 - ∞ (customizable)
Residual Volume < 1μl


Temperature Range Up to 42°C
Temperature Uniformality ± 1°C
Shaking Amplitute: 1mm, Speed: Up to 800 RPM
Temperature Monitoring Real Time


Volume ≥ 5μl
Tip Disposable
Serial Dilution Yes
Replicates Yes
Precision < 0.8% CV at 100μl

Process Security

Liquid Level Detection Yes (Must use MicroDigital-supplied Tips)
Level Sensor System Pressure Differential
Dispense Anomaly Detection Yes
Tip Detection Yes
Well Fill Detection Yes
Alarms Warning on PC


Operating Software Diamond Software for PC
Work Protocols (Assay) Unlimited
Data Processing Qualitative and Quantitative
Access Level Control Master, Manager and Operator
Opearating System Windows