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Integrated Sample Banking


iSBS - Integrated Sample Banking System -

Is an automatic vacuum sealing system which enables easy, efficient storing and utilization of samples



Product Feature

- Vacuum-sealed semi-permanent storage
- Barcode labelling available for efficient management
- Total solution with exclusive management software

- Incomparable uniqueness
- Sealed using RF(Radio Frequency); minimize sample damage



Conventional Methods




Manually dispensing each sample into different tubes

 Automatic aliquoting with

vacuum sealing

 Time and cost reduction


Natural oxidization of samples limit the duration/shorten expiration

 Pre-aliquoting condition maintained until seal broken

 Semi-permanent quality preservation


 Sorting and finding long and cumbersome

 Management solution and labelling for optimum management

Systematized management for easy sample distribution and storing


 Approx. 32,000 vial/tubes in 600L freezer

 Approx. 5 segments of 32,000 samples in 600L freezer

 5 times as much space efficiency


 Handler dependent: sample size and time varies

 500 segments per hour

 Time and labor reduction

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