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IVD Automation
Immunodiagnostic Automation and Point of Care Testing
Multi-mode microplate reader
Micro liquid cartridges
Core Technologies for
Biomedical Systems
Optical Measurement Technologies
Precise Temperature and Motion Control
First Korean Made Disposable Bioreactor
Optical Microplate Reading Technologies

Global TOP 10

Develop and Manufacturing IVD Systems

  • Photo Multiplier Tube(PMT), Photodiode, Charge-coupled Device(CCD) control and signalization
  • Light-source processing and stabilization
  • Super-precise (R^2 > 0.99, Dynamic range > 7-log, LOD 1 amole of ATP) light detection
Precision Control
  • Robot-arm manufacturing and control (Fast, Accurate, Precise, Quiet)
  • Automatic Liquid Handling
  • Sensor Technology
  • Temperature Control(accurate, precise temperature preservation)
  • Product Core Composition Modularity
  • Reduce Development Process
  • Optimize Manufacturing Process
  • Minimize Defects